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Senior Care Authority - What Our Families Are Saying
Don worked with us for over a year before my mom was ready to actually move into an assisted care facility. He was very helpful, willing to spend whatever time required and provide any information necessary to help with our decision. Don doesn't just say he likes helping people in our situation, I believe he truly enjoys it. I would absolutely, personally recommend Don to anyone needing help evaluating options and making a decision with their aging family member.

Brett H.

We can’t thank Don and Elaine enough for their kindness, compassion, thoroughness and professionalism. You totally took the burden off of us to find a place for our mom and dad who had very different needs at the same facility. You worked tirelessly and advocated for us and were our cheerleaders through the whole process. You were so dedicated and stuck by our side through the ups and the downs and we are forever indebted to you both. Thank you from the bottom our hearts!

Kim and Cathy

Don was a God send! I was happy to hand this off to him.  He did all the legwork, scheduled the appointments and knew what questions needed to be answered that I would not have know to ask. He helped us narrow down which Assisted Living options were going to be best for my Mom. He understood the difficulty and emotions of making this transition. He was empathetic and patient as we revisited our final choices.  I’m not sure what how it would have gone without him!

Margaret S.

Just want to say how great it was to work Don. He had good suggestions in terms of which places to visit for our family member and a wealth of information on the entire process. It really made a tough decision so much easier!

Valerie R.

Don & Elaine are extremely knowledgeable. With hundreds of communities, they will find the perfect home for your loved one and all the other necessary steps for the entire process. I appreciate all their patience and kind hearts!! Thank you for all your support!   

K. Stanton

Starting the process of looking for a new situation for my mother was overwhelming and scary. Don was always there with an encouraging word, knowledge, and advice. Navigating the world of elder care takes an expert and I'm so glad that Don and Elaine were there to guide me through. I feel so much better about the choices made as a result. They set up interviews, told me the facts, and let us take our time choosing what to do. Don even helped with moving things on moving day! Thanks so much for your help!

Donna L.

Mom is the POA of her elderly cousin who lives several states away. We had come to a dead end street with nowhere to turn when we got connected with Don Minter. He put out a helping hand to us and it was clear early on that Don was trying to find the best fit for our relative, personally and financially. Don was always professional and encouragingly positive throughout the searches and logistics of relocation. Questions were quickly answered too. Don seems to know, and have good working relationships with, recruiters and managers at various senior living homes. We’re grateful to Don and Elaine and I know our relative is too by the big smile on her face at her new home.

Susan E.

I highly recommend Don Minter and Senior Care Authority. He is very committed to helping families find the perfect place for their loved one. A great advocate for seniors and their family when searching for a senior community.


Don consistently went WAY above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. I felt hopeless and helpless trying to figure out how to help my dad. Don pointed me in the right direction in applying for a VA pension, connected me with a terrific attorney for help with the Medicaid process, took me to tour several assisted living facilities and helped negotiate to get my dad into the PERFECT place. He even helped us move my dad in! Don also helped my mom find an independent senior living facility to live in. This seems to be outside his normal realm, but he was able to help steer her toward the places that work well for her needs and wants, and he did what I could not: he made her feel comfortable with the process and her decision. I cannot thank Don enough for helping through everything. Finding good care for my elderly parents is a frightening and intimidating process, and Don seems to understand how it works, where you can take shortcuts, and where you can't take shortcuts. His personality and work ethic are PERFECT for this job. Thank you, Don!

Tom P

We would highly recommend letting Don and Elaine help you make the right choice for your loved one. Don helped us out during extremely trying circumstances when we needed to find a new home for mom very quickly. His ability to locate a community that met her needs within the location and price range we were looking for relieved so much stress for us. He was also able to quickly locate a competent, reliable moving service when we were in desperate need. Mom is now happily living in a Retirement Community she really likes and we are resting comfortably knowing she is safe, healthy and secure near us. Our stress was greatly minimized with Don’s excellent service and I cannot overstate how much emotional support and guidance we received during this journey. Thanks so very much for your great work Don & Elaine.

B and M

I've been meaning to put this out there for awhile now. We recently had to make the difficult decision to put Dad in a long-term care facility. He is doing well there and beginning to adjust to his new home. We thank everyone for their prayers and I ask that you continue to pray for him and Mom.

While the process was completely overwhelming (it was a huge learning curve for me), we were blessed to have found Don Minter and Elaine Clancy Minter. They run Senior Care Authority. Don came in (at no charge to us), interviewed Dad and our family, set up appointments to places he felt would best meet Dad's needs, took us on tours and took care of everything! They took much of the stress out of it for us. We have been so pleased with Dad's new home and the care he is receiving! If anyone needs more information about Senior Care Authority, let me know. 


I have been meaning to write this for awhile now. When we found Don & Elaine Minter it was the best day. It started with needing quick help placing my father in law and step mom into a senior community. They both needed memory care and Don jumped in and worked after hours to help us find a place quick. They have helped us twice find a senior community for both my husbands dad and step mom. Requiring totally different care, Dad and step mom have since had to move apart which was a tough time. Don and Elaine will go above and beyond to help you find the right places. They took a wonderful welcome gift to our step mom and Don has visited her twice just checking on her like she was his family. They both listen and learn about your family member which helps them find the best place. I would suggest anyone in a situation of moving family into senior communities to call the Minter team and let them help you out. You will not believe how much they help with the transition.


Don and Elaine have been fantastic to work with.  From our first meeting, I was very impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail.  Don suggested a resident for us and the whole process was so smooth! I highly suggest using Senior Care Authority for helping place your love-one, or utilize their services as a home/community!

Anne F.

Don is a terrific resource!!   He is Very responsive and thorough.   I highly recommend Don Minter to help with finding care for your loved one!!!


I have found Senior Care Advisors Don & Elaine Minter to be very professional and supportive.

Being appointed P.O.A. for my elderly neighbors was a totally new experience for me. Don provided total support and direction giving of his time and being there when needed above and beyond the call. I would highly recommend Senior Care Advisors to those Seniors seeking direction.


I highly recommend Don and Elaine for help in placing your loved one in nursing care. Don is very informed about most care centers and he took the time to get to know our situation to help find the best placement. He has a big heart and a wealth of information and made the transition less stressful. Thank you Don!


Just did Elizabeth's hair and she seemed so light hearted and care free. She had been getting increasingly more stressed with her dad's situation. She loves you and is so grateful for your help!


Thank you and Elaine so much for the beautiful flowers and the yummy chocolates and card on moving day. You brought a smile to my mom’s face and to mine. Thank you so much for all your help and kindness and caring. My Mom thanks you as well. God bless your business. You will do great!


Don, thank you with all my heart for your help.God bless you and your wife for your healing work.

– Ann

What Our Clients Are Saying